Executive Summary

Shavara Inc. is a healthcare information technology (HIT) solutions innovator that is poised to be a leader among solutions providers to the healthcare industry.

Background.  Shavara began as a pilot project incubated by an affiliated company in 2003 and spun-off as an independent company in 2016.  During its incubation period, Shavara was able to leverage the technology advances and opportunities identified by its founder, a practicing Radiation Oncologist.

Mission.  To be a trusted channel partner delivering ‘bolt-on’ software addressing healthcare vulnerabilities.

Mission & Goals.  Shavara’s mission is based on the belief that the medical software marketplace has not been able to meet the needs of the healthcare industry.  As a result, there are substantial business opportunities for Shavara to apply on-hand intellectual property and its founders’ unique industry expertise to seize upon these vulnerabilities by enhancing business processes. 

Core Competencies.  Shavara is armed with requisite core competencies including, but not limited to, technical skills in coding ANSI electronic billing, ‘scrubbing’ technology and next generation connectivity integration.  

Products and Services.  Shavara’s entrance into the healthcare technology market began with a Practice Management (PM) billing system which continues to serve as Shavara’s flagship product. Shavara’s PM system evolved as building blocks of capabilities.  For example, the ability to apply rule sets to billing code entry to achieve error-free claims (this capability is called ‘scrubber’).  Next, the ability to submit charges and receive payment reimbursements electronically.  Then, the need to connect to host systems eliminating duplicate manual data entry necessitated the development of Shavara CC, which works both in conjunction with Shavara’s PM and on a stand-alone basis, enabling interoperability between otherwise disparate software systems. 

Market Overview & Competition.  Shavara believes several capabilities native to its PM system have significant potential as stand-alone software solutions.  Shavara intends to fit its ‘scrubber’ as ‘bolt-on’ software to compliment the competitive PM software install base and as enhancement to workflow processes at payers and enterprise accounts.  Shavara’s plan for a user-configured stand-alone ‘scrubber’ is unique.  The market potential is massive.

Industry Overview & Competition.  The healthcare industry on the whole is immense, yet the industry is also in a stage of high-velocity growth.  Additionally, regulatory change such as the HITECH Act and the Affordable Care Act have set the industry into a state of transformation.  Shavara’s technology addresses key industry vulnerabilities including cost containment and interoperability.

Differentiation.  Shavara’s forwarding-thinking technology objectives were demonstrated when its PM system was delivered to customers as the first cloud-based billing solution.  Shavara further distanced itself from competitors by focusing on seamless integration with other technology-based systems. 

Strategic Plan.  Shavara intends to capitalize on these opportunities by implementing a three-pronged strategic plan:

  • Advance the development of Shavara’s ‘scrubber’ then leverage key industry relationships applying Shavara ‘scrubber’ as ‘bolt-on’ software enhancement;
  • Catalyze Shavara flagship products to perform optimally for physician practices, billing service providers and enterprise organizations; and
  • Build out a comprehensive platform of Shavara product and service that function as trusted host for the exchange of software services.

Corporate Structure.  Shavara Inc. is a Nevada corporation with a “Subchapter C” tax designation with the Internal Revenue Service.  The company’s corporate offices are located in Reno, Nevada with significant cloud-based operations for national and international scalability.